“Christina is one of the freshest faces and voices in fundraising and nonprofit work. She marries youthful exuberance with a deep sense of professionalism and an adventurous spirit that means great things for any organization she works with. She’s ready, willing and able to forge ahead into the still-largely-uncharted waters of social media as an awareness- and fund-raising tool for nonprofit organizations — without being bogged down by “what used to work” and “what should work.” She’s been a great voice for FundRaising Success and was recently named one of our Fundraising Stars. I’m also proud to have her joining the magazine’s Editorial Advisory Board in 2012 and look forward to sharing her fresh ideas and enthusiasm.”

Margaret Battistelli Gardner, Editor-in-chief, FundRaising Success Magazine

“Christina has a great perspective and intuition for the evolving digital space. It is always a relief to work with someone that puts strategy first and looks for information in data and testing, instead of being caught up in the face towards the next cool tool. I really appreciate her constant sharing and collaborative learning and think she is a prime example of Millennials making waves in the nonprofit sector.”

Amy Sample Ward, Non-Profit Technology Network, Chief Executive Officer

“Christina is a very successful, forward thinking nonprofit executive. While working with her at the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews I found Christina to be a very competent and professional individual that pursued excellence in every project she directed. Most notably, she drove IFCJ to a new level of sophistication and innovation in the area of social media – including developing viral, peer-to-peer and social networking strategies that opened new markets, particularly with a younger demographic, and helped open a new source for revenue growth.”

Eric Streiff, OPUSfidelis, Senior Managing Director